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As might be evident from the name, Asian Handicap Betting is a slight variation of fixed odds betting on soccer games that is extremely popular in China and other Asian countries. This style of betting is different to the ways that bookies take bets in the UK and in the rest of Europe.

This article aims to explain simply how Asian Handicap betting works:

In short, Asian handicap betting gives bookies a chance to allow people to make bets on a game in which the teams are not well matched.

Let’s look at an example.

If Manchester United play against Tottenham in the EPL, you would expect to see United get given better odds that they will win the game, and you might end up getting a small return even if your bet comes in. With the Asian Handicap betting system, teams start with a goal handicap already. With this addition to the scores from the start of the game, the same odds and same return can be offered for either of the team in the same game.

There are five common outcomes of the Asian handicap system:

0:0 Handicap

Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion 1.90 0:0 2.00

The two teams against each other are quite evenly matched and so no handicap is given to either. In order to win you will have to bet on the winner of the game.

This is the came as fixed odds betting and is the most recognised form of betting in the UK and Europe.


¼ Handicap

In 0.25 handicap, you can either win half or lose half of your stake.

Newcastle v Manchester City 2.05 0:¼ 1.80

This means that the team with the lower odds (Liverpool) has a ¼ advantage from the start of the game. If you bet on the winner of the match then you win your bet.

IF the match ends with a draw:

Bets placed on Newcastle will lose half of their stake. (loss ½)

Bets placed on Liverpool will win half of their stake. (win ½)


½ Handicap

This is when either team has a half goal head start. The outcome can be either win or lose. There is no draw outcome for the bet.

Bolton v Liverpool 1.85 0:1/2 2.05

In the result of a draw, you will win if you bet on Bolton and lose if you bet on Liverpool. With Asian Handicap it always takes more than ½ a goal to completely win or lose a bet.


¾ Handicap

In this situation there is a handicap of ¾ given to both teams.  You have the chance to win half or lose half of your bet.

Wigan v Queens Park Rangers 1.85 0:3/4 2.00

With these odds, QPR have been given a ¾ goal headstart. If the game then ends in a draw, you will win if you bet on QPR and lose if you bet on Wigan.

Assuming Wigan win by one goal:

If you bet on Wigan you will win half of your stake.

If you bet on Watford you will lose half of your stake.


0:1 Handicap

Liverpool v Newcastle 1.95 0:1 1.90

Newcastle is given a goal head start. If the match finishes in a draw you will win if you bet on Newcastle and lose if you bet on Liverpool.

If the match ends 1-0 to Liverpool and Liverpool win by one goal, it will be seen as a ‘draw’ under Asian Handicap rules. You will get your stake returned to you regardless of who picked as the winner. You will win if you bet on Liverpool only if they win by two goals (i.e they score beyond there handicapped score and so win convincingly)

In the event of team being heavily mismatched in quality, higher handicaps can be introduced. The rules remain the same : as long as the team you have bet on wins by more than half a goal you will get your win. Losing or winning by a quarter of a goal will enable you to lose or win half of your stake.


Where is the best place to try Asian Handicap Betting?

There are many places across the UK and on the internet that offer Asian Handicap Odds. The number offering the facility is much fewer than offering fixed odds.

138SunGame offers a huge selection of fixtures with Asian Handicap options. With these odds being taken on nearly all minor and major leagues around the world, you’ll be able to find something that interests you in no time!

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